Interview with Latvian GM Igor Kovalenko

Hello Igor. Congratulations on your victory. Now you are in the leading group. What can say about the last 3 rounds?

Thank you. The starting rounds were successful for me. I managed to get familiar and desired positions for me in the openings, and playing on the other phases of the game was easier, as I felt the positions and also had a huge advantage in time. I am sure it won’t be as easy in the coming rounds.

If I am not mistaken it is your first visit to Armenia. What are your first impressions?

Yes, unfortunately it’s my first visit. Last summer I was going to take part in the traditional Round Robin Tournament “Lake Sevan-2013” but because of my own fault I could not manage to come as there was a little confusion in my schedule, so I had to participate in another tournament for which I apologize once again. My impressions are mainly positive, I feel pretty well here, I arrived in Armenia a week earlier, before the start of the tournament, visited Stepanavan where I have friends and even distant relatives. I also had the honor to see many other places of interests in Armenia.

Before your arrival what goals have you set for yourself?

Of course, I will do everything to win in this tournament. The other important goal is to get the right to take part in the World Cup.

And what can you tell about the tournament atmosphere?

Everything in great, a real struggle has ensued. Only in one of the halls it is a little stuffy, but I am not complaining as it is stuffy not only for me, we all are in an equal situation (he laughs).


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