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Full Name: Robert Lee Hess II
Age: 18
Profession/Occupation: Student
Preferred color: Generally red, black – in chess
Best ever game: My best game: Hess-Spoelman (2004 WYCC U-14)… perhaps my favorite is Ivanchuk-Kasparov (Linares 1991)
Best ever moment as a chessplayer: 2nd place 2009 U.S. Championship
Worst ever moment: My losses in this tournament!
Any superstitions before or during a game: None really – But I like to drink water during the game.
Favourite piece: Knight
Idol in chess: Bobby Fischer
Idol in life: My dad
Best modern chessplayer: Levon Aronian
Best country: United States
Best country to play chess: Greece
Favourite music: Whatever is on!
Favourite meal: A Caesar salad, a rare steak along with potatoes, followed by some sort of Apple Crumble for dessert.
What rule change would you like to see in chess: Allowing a draw when a player forfeits on time and there are no legitimate losing chances (K+KN vs. K+KN, for example).
Current opening: E4 as white, E5 as black (usually).
Dream opening: Fischer Random chess – where no one can memorize so much opening theory!

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