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Grandmaster Sebastien Feller who was accused in cheating at the 39thWorld Chess Olympiad by the French Chess Federation, came to Khanty-Mansiysk again.

Feller spoke on his victory over GM Viorel Iordachescu (MDA) in tie-breaks as well as on the Court process against his national federation.

Feller: In tie-breaks I played Black in the first game. T the beginning everything was going on well for me but then I blundered two moves of my opponent in a row, and my position got worse, then I fully gave in my initiative. Then my opponent let me come back to the game, but the problem was that I did not have much time (only 10 seconds for every move). However, I managed to control the situation: I could find the right moves being in time trouble.

As for the second game, my opponent playing Black did not chose the appropriate line and already in the opening I had a winning position — one extra pawn and quality. I still did not have enough time and it took me more time than I could have spent to win playing White.

— Is it your second visit to Khanty-Mansiysk? How do you find it here?

Feller: I don’t have enough time to do sightseeing, but still I like it here, because I like this type of weather.

— What stage is your process with the French Chess Federation at now?

Feller: At the end of June this year there was an urgent audition in the court where I addressed in order to disprove the accusation that put my chess career under question. Everyone in France has a right to do that. Presently the judge is investigating the issue by going through every single detail and checking it for violations. If he finds out that there are big chances to cancel the decision of the federation, he will do it. The court is to consider and look into about a dozen of issues of this process. For instance, first of all, instead of a special commission that was supposed to be established to treat the case on my accusation, the matter was followed by the national chess federation. Those people, who investigated the issue, had financial liaisons with the national federation members, while it is actually prohibited, because, according to the requirements, this commission is to be independent. There are about ten articles of this nature in the case. That is why I decided to treat it thoroughly and in a very serious way. The final decision will be taken only in one or even two years and ahead there are many auditions like that, then the court of cassation and etc. The process risks taking many years before it is finished.

— Recently the head of Chess Base Frederic Friedel has addressed you in public with the proposal to publish all sms messages that caused suspicions in unfair play. Do you believe that it would have advanced the decision?

Feller: I will tell you right away that my attorney asked me not to do that because it is the accusing party that is supposed to provide evidence. It means that if I am accused in something by the national federation, it has to look for the proofs of its accusations. Moreover, my sms messages is my personal life and there are rights to be respected by both parties. So, for sure I will not go for it.

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