Internet Lectures for Anti cheating regulations and guidelines for Arbiters


The FIDE Arbiters’ Commission, in cooperation with the FIDE Anti Cheating Committee, organized two lectures on Internet, in English and in Russian language, in order to present the Anti cheating regulations and the Anti cheating guidelines for Arbiters that are in effect from 1 January 2014.

The participation was free for all Arbiters.

The lecture in English was held in 23 February 2016, 17.30-20.30 Eastern European Time.

The Lecturers were IA Takis Nikolopoulos (GRE), Chairman of the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission and IO Yuri Garrett (ITA), Secretary of the FIDE Anti Cheating Committee and the Technical Organizer was IA Mihail Prevenios (GRE).

Due to the extremely high number of applicants, it was decided the lecture to be recorded and those who could not had the chance to attend it live, to follow the recordings of the lecture.

In total seventy five (75) Arbiters from sixty five (65) Federations participated in the lecture. Thirty five (35) of them attended the lecture live, while forty two (42) more followed the recordings of the lecture.

Additionally a forum had been created to answer possible questions from participants, which was followed by fifty seven (57) of the Arbiters who participated in the lecture (live or through recordings).

You can see the lists of the participants here.

The lecture in Russian was held in 25 March 2016, 14.00-17.00 Moscow time.

The Lecturers were IA Ashot Vardapetyan (ARM), Chairman of the FIDE Rules Commission and GM, FST Konstantin Landa (RUS), Member of the FIDE Anti Cheating Committee. IA Mihail Prevenios (GRE) was the Technical Organizer of the Lecture.

In total, twenty eight (28) Arbiters from nine (9) federations took part in the Lecture.

You can see the list of the participants here.

All participants of both Lectures showed high interest and were active during the discussions.

As the issue of Anti cheating is considered very important and the training of the Arbiters of high priority, the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission, in cooperation with the FIDE Anti cheating Commission, will continue organizing on Internet Anti cheating lectures for Arbiters in Spanish and Arabic languages and will repeat the lectures in English and Russian.

Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters’ Commission

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