On Chess: Internet a haven for honing skills
Saturday, April 25, 2009 6:28 AM
By Shelby Lyman
Columbus Dispatch – Columbus, OH, USA

The anonymity of the Internet makes it a haven for those who would like to play chess for the sheer fun of it and avoid the public glare of winning, losing and being ranked by others.

In part, chess becomes a personal affair kept private by the shield of one’s online pseudonym. Anonymity provides the freedom to experiment – even recklessly – without fear of consequences.

Such freedom is highly enjoyable and relatively stress-free, allowing the player to enlarge or refine skills.

Internet chess also makes it possible for the user to play significantly more frequently. Losses, therefore, don’t fester; they’re submerged in a sea of games.

Another advantage of online chess is that it has virtually no cost: no travel, hotel, meal or tournamententry expenses. The use of a chess-playing portal is usually free or carries a nominal fee.

At the Internet site I use, all games – including moves and time used per move – are recorded. Thus, a player can go back at any time and quickly review any game and any position in any game.

The ability to conveniently review makes gaining objectivity and improving chess play relatively easy.

Source: http://dispatch.com

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