1st ICCF Veterans World Cup
by Ralph Marconi

The Czech CCA has announced that they will be organizing the 1st ICCF Veterans World Cup, a new ICCF event approved by the 2007 ICCF Congress.

This inaugural event will be in memory of Stanislav Folgar, an ICCF International Arbiter and a significant contributor to the development of international cc in the Czech Republic.

Here are the details in brief – you must be 60 years or over by April 11th. It will be played on the ICCF web server and each section will be 11-13 players. The number of rounds will depend upon the number entries. The playing fee is 20 Swiss Francs. The event will start on 11 April 2008.

Entries should include the player’s name, date of birth, current ICCF rating, e-mail address and ICCF ID and must be sent by e-mail via National Federations to Mr. Lubos Ertl (ertl@skscr.cz), no later than on 28th February 2008. Direct entry to this event is not allowed.

If you are not a member of a National Federation (CC) affiliated to the ICCF, but would like to play in this event then you can find the contact person for your respective National Federation at: Member Nations & Composition of Zones on http://www.iccf.com/

Source: http://www.chesstoday.net/

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