The official website for the much awaited clash between defending champion V Anand and challenger Magnus Carlsen will be available after IST 5pm on 23rd September 2013.

The championship will also be followed on various social networks and subsequent accounts have been created as under: (already gaining followers!)

The tickets for the match will be available for sale on the following web pages after IST 5pm on 23rd September or

First time in the history of a world championship match, specially downloadable apps for the Android and IOS versions will be available around two weeks before the championship. These apps will be available on major play stores and will be usable for about 99% of Android Phones and tablets.

The apps will focus on:

– Follow Anand and Carlsen’s moves right on the screen with a beautiful board, as soon as they are made in near-real time.
– On-demand analysis with a chess engine
– Social integration with Twitter. Fans can check out expert opinion and tweet their own views.
– Enjoy annotated prior encounters between the two
– The app will notify the user when the round starts, or when a move is made and the result of the game, so fans don’t miss any action.

There is a chance that the Video feed will be added from the match as well.

The iOS version app will feature:

• Live games – The app will allow users to watch live games of the FWCM 2013 as and when the moves are transmitted.
• Live Video feed – Broadcast live video streaming which will have live games/analysis by experts
• Game Engine analysis – Provide game engine analysis of the current FWCM2013game position
• Notifications – The app will have a mechanism to notify the user when a game starts, when a game ends and after every move. User will have an option to selectively turn these features on or off from the app’s settings.
• Video Report – Video Report of every match
• Schedule – The app will display detailed schedule of the FWCM 2013
• Timer – The app will show a countdown timer leading up to the FWCM 2013
• Tweets – The app may show relevant tweets with hash tag of the FWCM 2013
• Image gallery – Gallery of images of the FWCM 2013
• Previous encounters – The app will have a section with annotated games of the previous encounters between Anand and Carlsen. Chess fans can play through these games on their devices.
• Will be available on the Play Store by mid October and will work on all iOS phones and tablets

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