About Images of Chess

Chess is often a tense experience between two players. What the public might see as two very still, quiet and calm individuals could be, in reality, two people in the middle of a high pressure struggle. In any given moment, what goes on between them can be a mix of heightened tension, irritation, measured confidence, creative thinking, pressure, regret, frustration, and perseverance. The dynamic that is created between the two competing players is their individual artistic self-expression of Chess.

This artistic self-expression is what we have tried to capture and display with these images. They convey the many different ideas and the wide array of creative work that have been expressed over the 64 squares of Chess. With these images, you get a glimpse of what is possibly happening between those two people who are intently focused on the board and those 32 mysterious pieces…

This is dedicated to all Chess Players and their creative pursuit to find the next best move!


– 12″x12″ size ( 12″x24″opened)
– 12-Month Calendar
– Featuring six images: Burst of Creativity , No Way Out (Zugzwang), Desert Isolation, A Game of Skittles Chess, Queen Sacrifice, If Chess Pieces Could Talk
– Includes full description of images and notation of the featured games.
– Free gift message option – how to add gift message
– Printed in the USA


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