By Kieran Corcoran | 4:50 am, November 15, 2016

The US female chess champion who shot to fame after boycotting Iran for insisting she compete in a hijab has come out for Donald Trump.

Nazi Paikdize, the reigning US women’s world champion, went viral for her impassioned response to chess bosses who booked Tehran to host the women’s world championship.

Paikidze said she would rather sacrifice her own career than put up with compulsory laws that would control what she could wear.

She briefly became a liberal darling for her stance championing women’s rights – though some dubbed her a “white savior” and Islamophobe.

Paikdize, an immigrant from Georgia, the small nation on the Russian border, had kept quiet about politics during the campaign.

But since the dust settled on last week’s election she has been encouraging people to back the Donald.


The day after he was elected she wrote of her hopes American would “come together” behind Trump:

She then shared a series of posts mocking over-the-top reactions from Hillary supporters, including this one:



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