Kasparov’s shameless accusations

Following FIDE’s announcement that there are still no bidders for the World Championship Match 2014, Garry Kasparov seized the opportunity to lash a series of shameless statements through his twitter feed.

Kasparov said that: “FIDE never keeps to schedule”. But the fact is that the last two cycles, including World Cups, Grand Prix, Candidates Tournaments and World Championship matcheswere held on schedule.

He also said: “(Magnus has) many sponsors. I do, too!” These statements come under serious doubt when one carefully examines the records of the Kasparov Chess Foundation which doesn’t actually get any sponsorship, but lives on the interest!

Instead, there are many examples where Kasparov chased the sponsors away, including the big guns like Intel and IBM.

Kasparov doesn’t have sponsors, he has political patrons. But FIDE and chess cannot function on the support of shady politicians and intelligence agencies.

Kasparov criticizes FIDE’s handling of the World Championship cycle. Last year he said that it was a scandal to have the All India Chess Federation hosting the Match. He was accusing FIDE in not following its standard procedure of a bidding process but simply ignored the fact that FIDE brought serious sponsor for the Match in 2013. On the popular opinion, the organization in Chennai was one of the best in the history of the game.

Perhaps Kasparov relies on people’s short memory as it’s been some years since he cheated Alexei Shirov of his right to play the World Championship Match.

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Policy regarding political chess election

I was asked by a number of people about who I support in the upcoming FIDE / ECU elections, etc. My policy is simple and it has not changed in many years. I do not get involved in chess politics. These are the areas that I am most enthusiastic about:

1. Chess in Education
2. Women’s Chess
3. Chess in Schools
4. College Chess
5. Chess Development and Promotion, etc.

I do not play favoritism and I do not take sides, as I have friends on all sides. As in past elections, I will publish campaign information and articles from all parties (as long as it is appropriate) when I receive them. It is up to the voters to decide who is the best candidate to move FIDE to a higher level in the next 4 years.

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