Kasparov’s toughest match: Trying to checkmate Putin

By Matthew Chance

MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) — Garry Kasparov has defeated the world’s greatest chess players and battled a supercomputer for supremacy. Now, he’s facing his toughest opponent, but trying to check the power of Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t been easy.

Intensely sharp, the energetic 44-year-old Kasparov, whose political opposition party has been the most vocal against Putin’s Kremlin, can hardly suppress his fury with the country’s leadership.

Jailed for five days before Sunday’s parliamentary elections, the brooding grandmaster has spent long hours plotting his moves and countermoves.

“This regime is entering a very dangerous phase that is turning it into a dictatorship,” he told journalists as he arrived at his Moscow apartment shortly after his release on Thursday.

He said he had been denied access to a lawyer since his arrest at a banned anti-government protest that he organized in Moscow last weekend, but that his commitment to opposing Putin remained strong.

“I’m undeterred in my resolution to fight this regime,” he said. Watch Kasparov won’t be a pawn »

Here is the full CNN article.

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