Game 7: Hou Yifan won again and embraces the World champion title

In the 7th game Hou Yifan had white pieces. Humpy Koneru managed to equalize in Ruy Lopez that was played for the third time in the match. But in the middle game the challenger started to act too risky and gave her opponent a chance to win a pawn that was immediately grabbed by Hou Yifan. In the endgame the Chinese player took another pawn to secure her victory.

After 7 games the World champion is leading 5-2 and only a miracle can help Koneru to win all of the remaining three games.

The 8th game (November, 24) of the match can decide the competition – if it ends in a draw, Hou Yifan would have 5,5 points and the World champion title. Koneru needs only to win.

Few questions from the press-conference:

Did you expect to win today?

Hou Yifan: I just tried to play normal chess. In the middle game it was unclear. I think her h5 move was not good and after Qh6 she should have put her knight back, instead of Qf6. But of course when I exchanged the pieces for the rook ending, this endgame is winning for me.

Humpy, what do you think about the game?

Humpy Koneru: I think that at one point it was ok for Black. Probably I should not allow Qh6, so h5 was a mistake. I underestimated the play that White has after Qf6.

At the opening you play quite stable and get promising position. What is the reason for unsuccessful middle game play? Can it be tiredness?

Humpy Koneru: I do not think that it happens because of tiredness. I am simply out of form.

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