Betul Yildiz: I am not that kind of girl who likes pink
Thursday, 29 April 2010

Betul, do you like to be here, In Nalchik?
– Yes, I do. I do not have enough time to enjoy the nature in Turkey.

What places do you would like to visit in Kabardino-Balkaria?
– I have heard about the Elbrus. My trainer has already been here and he has told me a lot of interesting things concerning the Chegem waterfalls, Blue lakes and many others.

What city do you live in?
– I live in Izmir. It is on the third place in our country, Istanbul is on the first one, Ankara is on the second, and then comes Izmir. It is the most modern city in Turkey.

Turkey is famous for its health resorts. When you have a rest do you go to a sea coast?
– Oh, yes. Antalya is the most beautiful health resort in summer, and I prefer to visit it when I have free time. There are two seas in Turkey: The Mediterranean Sea and The Aegean Sea. Well, Antalya is better.

How much time do you spend playing chess?
– Not much. I am studying at the University that is why I have not got so much time playing chess. One day before coming here I have passed the last exams.
What are you specialized in?
– I am going to become a lawyer.

Is chess a popular game in your country?
– Yes, our family has a chess club for children, we work there together. My mother teaches chess on the first level, my father and my brother works with pupils of the more high level. And sometimes I help them, but as you can see, I am always short of time.

What is your best result in chess?
Last year I went to Argentina and took place in the World junior chess championship. Before the last round I was the first, then I made a draw and I had to share the first place with three two other players. I was upset after that and gained only the third place.

Who fostered love of chess in you?
– The members of my family are the amateurs of chess and I learnt the game when I was watching their playing chess. My elder brother didn’t want to play with me. Then I went to the chess club at school and I didn’t tell him about it. And now usually I refuse if he asks me to play with him.

Who helps you in this tournament?
– Andrian Mikhalchishin is my trainer since 2006. He is the coach of Turkish chess women team, and he helps me on the competitions.

Do you drive a car?
– Yes, I do. It is Peugeot. I like it very much, the color is grey. I am not such a girl who has red or pink colors.

Do you like shopping like other girls?
– All girls like shopping. Yes, I do, but not so much like others.

Are you an emotional person?
– Yes, but sometimes people say that I look like a stone. However, my best friends know that I am not like that.

What cuisine do you prefer?
– I am the fan of the Turkish cuisine. I like your food too, but in China the dishes are terrible for me. To tell the truth I am a sweet tooth.

Betul, thank you for the interwiev. Good luck. Have a nice time in Nalchik.

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