The Egyptian player not only withdrew from the World Cup due to illness, but also had to undergo an urgent surgery. Fortunately, the local doctors were able to help him, and now he is in good health.

Prior to coming back home on Friday, Ahmed expressed his gratitude to the organizing committee of the tournament.

— My problems started at the World Team Championship in China. I suffered from pain, but didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it’s just my nerves and local cuisine. However, things got worse after I came to Khanty-Mansiysk. I forced myself to play the first game being on analgesic drugs, but doctors did not even let me to play the second game. It turned out more serious than I thought. Fortunately there are some really good doctors in the Khanty-Mansiysk hospital, and they took the necessary action. I am grateful to the organizing committee and local medics, who did everything possible to restore my health. I also want to thank Lakhdar Mazouz, Boris Kutin, Ernesto Inarkiev and Vugar Gashimov for visiting me at the hospital.

— What are you future plans?

— Doctors allow me to travel and keep playing chess. Today I will fly back to Egypt, and then will probably go to Mozambique for the Pan-African Games.

— How many times did you visit Khanty-Mansiysk?

— Five times. I really like this place and I wanted to play well in the tournament. Hope next time nothing will prevent me from playing and winning!

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