Moscow Open Young Grandmasters

The traditional chess festival “Moscow Open” will be held from January 28th to February 7th, 2011, in the usual playing venue at the Russian State Social University (RSCU), 4 Pik street (metro Botanical Garden).

One of the main events of Moscow Open 2011 will be a new competition – an international tournament of 12 Young Grandmasters.

The top-rated player of the tournament is Evgeny Alekseev from Russia, a member of the second Russian Olympic Youth National Team.

Another tournament participant is Sanan Sjugirov who was the captain of the fourth Russian national team at the Olympiad.

Four representatives of Russia will be playing in the buildings of their own university being either students or graduates of the Russian State Social University. They are Ernesto Inarkiev, a bronze prize winner of Moscow Open 2010, Nikolai Chadaev, Moscow Chess Champion, Grandmaster Alexander Rakhmanov, and International Master Mikhail Krylov.

Foreign competition includes Sergei Zhigalko, a top chess player from Belarus, Ukrainian Yuriy Kuzubov, Eltaj Safarli from Azerbaijan, and American Robert Hess – all the strongest junior chess players in their countries.

One thing to note is that all the participants are under 25 years old. The tournament prize fund is 500 000 RUB. The winner will get 120 000 RUB.

Alekseev Evgeny RUS 2701
Inarkiev Ernesto RUS 2673
Zhigalko Sergei BLR 2671
Cheparinov Ivan BUL 2665
Grachev Boris
RUS 2660
Safarli Eltaj AZE 2629
Sjugirov Sanan RUS 2626
Kuzubov Yuriy UKR 2624
Rakhmanov Aleksandr RUS 2590
Hess Robert USA 2572
Chadaev Nikolai RUS 2568
Krylov Mikhail RUS 2499

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