“Growing from a young kid to an adult”

Going from a young talent to a world class player, winning Sinquefield Cup, Olympiad Gold, and on the verge of breaking the top 5

Excerpt from thank you email back at Webster –


10/28/2014 3:33:23 A.M. Central Daylight Time, Wesley So writes:

Dear Paul and Susan,

Thank You so much to both for the wonderful experiences, the successes and the failures, and for everything you have taught me. From the morals, to the character, to the chess trainings, and the skills you have tried to teach us—oh I have learned so much. And I will keep in mind all the qualities that you have taught me.

…I just wanted to say that I will always be a product of SPICE and no one can change that fact. I have learned so much in my past two years in Webster University that I believe I have grown from a young kid to an adult.

…A quick word of thanks to my teammates as well. They have treated me like a family ever since I moved here, working with them and sharing all kinds of ideas and life experiences has been such a thrill. University life would never be as much fun without such great friends.

…Nothing lasts forever, but this past two years has been a wonderful learning journey for me.

…I wish you all the best as well to SPICE and to Webster University.

Best Regards,
Wesley So


The SPICE training / teaching system:

At SPICE, as correctly stated by Wesley, we not only help our students excel in chess, but we go way beyond that. We teach them ethics, morals, integrity, professionalism, discipline, team work, respect, and independence, etc.

Our goal is for them to be (RSVP) Responsible, Successful, and Very Productive young adults, on and off the chess board, once they are finished with our program.

We do everything we can to help them, train them, but we allow them room to learn and grow. We do not want them to be dependent on us forever. We want them to fly, to soar, and to reach for the stars.










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