Greek Individual Chess Championship
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The 60th edition of the Greek Individual Chess Championship is taking place November 25 – December 4 in Hotel Alkyon, between Patras and Athens. Ten players participate in the round robin competition. Top seeded is GM Vasilios Kotronias (2591), who won the Greek Championship a total of eight times – in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, 2006 – and is now looking for his 9th title. His main competition is GM Hristos Banikas (2590) – winner of five consecutive titles from 2000 to 2005, GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis (2580), GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis (2556), and GM Ioannis Nikolaidis (2552). The field is completed by IM Spyridon Kapnisis, FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis, Georgios Kanakaris, Alexandros Koukoufikis, and the 17 years old Athanasios Spiliadis.

Organizers Pnevmatiki Stegi of Peristeri and Greek Chess Federation

Venue: Hotel Alkyon, official website

Round 1

The championship got an exciting start with surprising results in round 1. Georgios Kanakaris, one of the participants of the coming Bansko Grand Chess Open, defeated GM Ioannis Nikolaidis with black. Kanakaris used a blunder by Nikolaidis on move 27, and managed to convert it into a full point.

IM Spyridon Kapnisis was also able to hold one of the favorites GM Hristos Banikas to a draw after a close to 5 hours games. The game is analysed by FM Simonidis here

In the derby match of the day GM Vasilios Kotronias managed to defeat his direct opponent for the first places GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis. With precise play of a pair of bishops GM Kotronias scored his first victory and joined the leaders with a full point. Replay the game with analysis here.

The favorites won in the other two matches with relative ease, GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis defeated FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis, while Alexandros Koukoufikis won against Athanasios Spiliadis.

Download PGN round 1

Round 2

The second round of the Greek Individual Chess Championship was in full contrast to the first one. No surprises were registered and the top players won their games.

The heroe of the previous round Georgios Kanakaris and the top rated GM Vasilios Kotronias played the most exciting game of the day. Kotronias was constantly leading the position, while Kanakaris was defending well. The lower rated player had several chances to equalize, but he missed them and finally the many times champion Kotronias scored second consecutive victory.

In a similar fashion went the game IM Spyridon Kapnisis – GM Ioannis Nikolaidis. The Grandmaster had a small advantage right from the opening, which he managed to convert to a very comfortable position. However, in the following moves GM Nikolaidis did not manage to find the precise moves, and Kapnisis used the situation to clinch a draw.

Alexandros Koukoufikis lost on time against FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis, but the position was lost long before Koukoufikis flagged.

The brothers Mastrovasilis protagonized the show of round 2 as they completed a 34 moves draw in just 10 minutes! The regulations of the event state that no draw can be agreed before move 30, a condition that was kept in the game, and the final position was a clear draw rook endgame.

Download PGN round 2


GM Vasilios Kotronias
GM Hristos Banikas
GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis
GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis
GM Ioannis Nikolaidis
IM Spyridon Kapnisis
FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis
Georgios Kanakaris
Alexandros Koukoufikis
Athanasios Spiliadis

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