SPICE homegrown GMs Gergely Antal (left) and Gabor Papp (right)

SPICE / Chess IQ nominated players to the World Youth for the first time (via SPF World Open and SPF National Open for Boys and Girls) this year in Greece. We sent fantastic coaches to help the players, two of SPICE homegrown Grandmasters (GMs Gergely Antal and Gabor Papp).

Here are a few letters from parents / players:

Letter 1:

…I wanted to take a minute today and say thank you across multiple areas.

First, thank you for the opportunity for my son (and I think I speak for some of the other families too). This was a great event for (him) to learn. Though he did not get the results he was hoping for, the lessons he learned were invaluable. I think his chess game and especially his preparation will be enhanced. Also, getting to play on an international level will provide him a scope to the game many US players never get a chance.

Second, I want to give special recognition to the coaches that you sent. I personally think Gergely and Gabor did an Outstanding Job working with all the kids. In looking at the support they gave to our kids vs the US coaches, I say our kids had the best preparation with coaches that genuinely cared. I personally had more than one parent working with the US Coaches wishing our coaches were working with their child. I would also like to thank them for putting up with my jokes (you can ask them about that).

Last, I would like to say thank you to the two of you. I know these events are not easy to pull together. In talking to Jerry (from USCF) the problems he faced for the complete delegation were rather ugly. So, THANK YOU!

If you have any question or want more information please let us know.

Thanks again,
Chess Parent


Letter 2: 

We completely agree with (above) email. The best part of our WYCC experience were our coaches. Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity. (My son) learned a lot. He had a difficult 1st half, but lost few rounds back to back. It took some time to adjust to the environment. With his coaches help he finished strong. Our academy did well considering this was our first international outing/playing in a FIDE format. The experience we gained will help us in the long run. Once again, we thank you both, the coaches and anyone else worked hard to make this dream a reality. We will stay in touch.

Chess Parent


Letter 3:

We just returned from our travels and wanted to also extend our sincerest thanks for the truly special opportunity to attend this year’s WYCC through the academy. The lifelong memories from this event will be deeply cherished. I’m certain that all of the players will take away experiences through the rigor of international competition that will strengthen them tremendously.

A special thank you to the coaches, Gabor and Gergely, for their exceptional dedication in working with the players. The chance to learn from them was quite the privilege.

Thank you once again for all of your efforts to offer such opportunities to our players.

All the best,
Chess Parent
Letter 4:


Thank you so much for arranging Gabor to be my coach! He was amazing! I think his preparation was the main reason I did as well as I did. If I would have played one more IM, I would have
made an IM norm! So close. 🙂 +148 FIDE is still very nice though!

Thank you again! It was an unforgettable experience!

Gergely Antal and Gabor Papp



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