The 2nd Annual Recession Buster Open took place on 16-18th February at the Marriott San Diego Airport/Liberty Station, 2592 Lanning Rd., San Diego, CA 92106.

The event consisted of four sections – Open, U2100, U1700 and U1300. All sections were played over six rounds of Swiss system with the time control 40/90, SD/60, d/10. A total of 143 players participated.

The main Open section had 35 players competing. GM Melikset Khachiyan took a clear first place with 5,0/6 points and the prize of 2200 USD.

Open section final standings (USCF ratings):

1. GM Melikset Khachiyan 2574 – 5,0
2-3. IM Dionisio Aldama 2577 and GM Carlos Matamoros 2535 – 4,5
4-9. GM Timur Gareev 2780, GM Alejandro Ramirez 2622, GM Enrico Sevillano 2590, FM John Bryant 2570, FM Alexander Kretchetov 2372 and Michael William Brown 2346 – 4,0
10-13. Kyron Griffith 2438, WIM Paloma Gutierrez 2223, Craig Hilby 2106 and Kevin Moy 2016 – 3,5 etc.

The 11-years old WFM Annie Wang (1992 uscf) dominated the U2100 section and finished a clear winner with 5,5/6 points. She only conceded a draw in the final round.

Alexander John Costello 1788 won the U1700 section with 5,5/6 points. 

Unrated players Arturo Armagnac and Jean Carlo Fernandez Figueroa shared the first place in U1300 section with 5,0/6 points each.

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