Efstratios Grivas was born in Egio, Achaia, on March 30th 1966. He grew up in Athens, in the neighbourhood of Kallithea, as his family moved to the Greek capital in 1970. His registration at the Kallithea Chess Club in 1979 was his first contact with chess. His chess evolution was immediate and rapid, as only two years later he won the Greek Cadet Championship, under the coaching guidance of FM Panagiotis Drepaniotis (1979-1981). It immediately became clear that he was a very talented young chessplayer, capable of great achievements in his chosen sport.

The course of Efstratios Grivas’ chess career fulfilled expectations as, under the guidance of his trainers IM Dr.Nikolai Minev (1981-1982), FM Michalis Kaloskambis (1984-1986), GM Efim Geller (1987-1988) and IM Nikolai Andrianov (1990-1996), he conquered all (Greek and International) titles awarded by the Greek Chess Federation and the International Chess Federation (FIDE). A significant role in his development was played by the training he received in Moscow in 1984 by outstanding members of the chess world.

Here is his website: http://www.grivaschess.com

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