The 2015 Tradewise Chess Festival got underway with a simultaneous display given by IM Jovanka Houska (England) and IM Salome Melia (Georgia) on 25 January to welcome the first arrivals at the Caleta Hotel.

Photos of the simuls may be accessed here:

The Tradewise Gibraltar Challengers and Amateur tournaments began on 26 January, with sponsors Coca Cola making the ceremonial opening move on the top board. A selection of photos here:

The formal opening of the tournament takes place at 2030 CET tonight (26 January), with round one of the 2015 Tradewise Gibraltar Masters starting at 1500 CET on Tuesday 27 January.

John Saunders

PRESS OFFICE – 2015 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival
Alice Mascarenhas, John Saunders and Leontxo Garcia, Tradewise Press Chess Officers

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