Over 55,000 FREE SPF / SPICE Curriculum / Training Guide were sent out to teachers, parents, chess organizations and clubs in over 92 countries in the past 2 years. It is completely FREE.

There are a few reasons why I created this curriculum / training guide. I saw so many children being taught chess incorrectly and after a short time, they lose interest because of this. While it is important to introduce chess to children, it is equally important to teach them right so they can learn properly and enjoy this beautiful game even more.

In addition, many parents, teachers and coaches would like to convince their schools / districts to incorporate chess into their systems. This is why this curriculumn / training guide is divided into 30 chapters, one per week, to serve this purpose. It can serve as the main base and small modifications can be made to fit your school guidelines.

My dream is to be able to introduce chess to as many children as possible. If you have not gotten your copy yet, please click here to register for your FREE account on www.ChessDiscussion.com then click here to download your FREE copy. This is the same guide which I personally used to teach many students including my own children.

I will continue to come up with more materials / tips / information to help parents and coaches. All announcements will be made right here on this blog and on the www.ChessDiscussion.com forum. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to email me.

Good luck with your effort in introducing chess to young people!

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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