Article published Sunday, February 11, 2007
Kids make their moves at free chess lessons at the downtown library


Knight, Rook, Bishop — those don’t sound like the names of kids’ usual Saturday morning playmates.

But that’s who they are — what they are, to be precise — for the handful of children who drop in for free chess lessons from 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturdays in the Main Branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, 325 North Michigan St. downtown.

Volunteer Roz Marovitz and her 14-year-old assistant, Davon Criddell, set up the boards on two round tables near the information desk in Main’s Children’s Library. They look up expectantly as patrons trickle in.

They’re ready for players who even at a young age have developed a passion for the game. They’re ready for the curious who see the activity and wander over to see what’s up. And they’re ready for any parents, grandparents, or other adults who express an interest in learning, even though the sessions are promoted for children in grades K-6.

Come one, come all. Ms. Marovitz has been teaching people to play chess for decades, in day-care centers, public schools, community centers, senior centers. “You can learn the basics in five minutes,” she says with an assurance that promotes confidence in first-timers.“Chess is a language,” Ms. Marovitz continues, “You’re learning a language of moves.”

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