US Men’s Team defeated Georgia 2.5 – 1.5. Kamsky, Onischuk won while Akobian drew and Nakamura lost. The US will meet China next.

On the women’s side, Zatonskih drew Stefanova. Goletiani and Baginskaite also drew. Therefore, USA and Bulgaria tie at 1.5 – 1.5. The US will play Mongolia next.

Zhukova defeated Kosteniuk. The 2 Kosintseva sisters drew Gaponenko and Ushenina. Ukraine has pulled within 1/2 point of Russia with this 2-1 win.

As you can see, it is very difficult to go undefeated in the Olympiad. Everyone wants to beat you. In a span of 16 years and 4 Olympiads (1988 – 2004), I played 56 straight games on board 1 (without ever sitting out any game) against the world’s best (Xie Jun, Chiburdanidze, Humpy, Kosteniuk and countless others) without ever losing a game. When a player takes the Olympiad seriously and puts in the efforts to train physically, mentally and in chess, it pays off.

Some interesting personal results this round:

Kramnik defeated Aronian. It looks like Kramnik is back! Excellent! This will give the fans a great thrill for the upcoming Topalov – Kramnik match.

Sargissian defeated Morozevich, Kasimdzhanov defeated Sokolov, Tiviakov defeated Gareev of the University of Texas in Brownsville, Ivanchuk defeated Georgiev, Cheparinov defeated Volotikin, etc.

I just landed in Fort Lauderdale and I am updating this blog from the car. Thank God for wireless Internet technology! I will have more updates soon!

Once again, thanks to everyone for updating me with the results! All of you are GREAT!!!
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