Round 1:

Svidler – Topalov 1-0
Bacrot – Ivanchuk 1/2
Aronian – Radjabov 1-0
Vallejo Pons – Leko 0-1

We have shocking results in the first round. Svidler soundly defeated Topalov in round 1. Topalov almost had no chance in this game. It seems that Svidler is in very good form. Bacrot had to work very hard to hold Ivanchuk to a draw. Aronian won a very creative game against Radjabov. At one point, Aronian was two pawns down with compensation. Vallejo chose an very strange line against Leko and lost a very sharp game.

These are the matchups for round 2:

Peter Leko (1) – Teimour Radjabov (0)
Vassily Ivanchuk (1/2) – Levon Aronian (1)
Veselin Topalov (0) – Etienne Bacrot (1/2)
Francisco Vallejo (0) – Peter Svidler (1) Posted by Picasa

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