The chess engines Fire 3.1 (ELO 3102) and Naum 4.6 (ELO 3053) lead Stage 1b of the strongest computer chess championship TCEC. After 3 rounds they have collected 2,5/3, half a point more than last year’s finalist and rating favorite in the group Stockfish (ELO 3181).

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Despite leading the group, both Fire had some problems at the start, it was stopped by Nightmare 7.8 (2880). Naum seems to be in better position as it drew with Stockfish, while Stockfish itself encountered problems in the draw with Spike 1.4 (2935).

Stockfish is sharing 3rd position together with Tornado, Spike, Toga II, and Arsan. The top 5 engines will qualify for the next round, where they will meet the already qualified from Stage 1b Houdini , Critter, Gull, Texel and Hannibal, as well as the top five engines of Stage 1c.

The most notable game so far is the 207 (!) moves draw between Tornado and Exchess, replay the game below.

Watch TCEC Stage 1b live , More about TCEC rules here and at the official website (menu “help”).

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