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Board 1: GM Zherebukh (Tech) vs. GM Le (Webster)
Board 2: GM So (Webster) vs. GM Moradiabadi (Tech)
Board 3: IM Gorovets (Tech) vs. GM Meier (Webster)
Board 4: GM Robson (Webster) vs. IM Torres (Tech)

Board 5: FM Rosen (ILL) vs. GM Huschenbeth (UMBC)
Board 6: GM Kore (UMBC) vs. Xin Luo (ILL)
Board 7: NM Auger (ILL) vs. IM Bregadze (UMBC)
Board 8: IM Paikidze (UMBC) vs. Aksha Indusekar (ILL)


Webster University: 6.5 game points (2 match points)
Texas Tech University: 5.5 game points (2 match points)
University of Maryland – Balt. Cty: 3 game points (0 match pts.)
University of Illinois: 1 game points (0 match points)

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