Ever since I was a little girl, I always believe in doing the right things. I have spent my life in chess fighting to change our sport for the better. I always believe that chess deserves better and I am working hard every day to make that happen. In the past 5-6 years, that focus has taken place in the United States.

I do not believe in promoting chess in one particular area while neglecting others. That is why I promote scholastic, adult, college, internet, correspondence, military and professional chess, etc. I would like to bring respectability, credibility, integrity and popularity to our sport.

When I was in Las Vegas this past weekend, I just learned of new information that is even more disturbing that what I originally thought about US chess. In the past many decades, the USCF has basically been run by the same group of people. When they first got involved, they all had the same vision. They all wanted to do good things for this federation.

Unfortunately, in order to survive chess politics, they had to join one political chess party or another. Otherwise they cannot survive the brutal and merciless attacks and abuse by the chess politicians. After a while, people start to lose focus on why they got involved in the first place. There are simply too much hatred and animosity among the chess politicians. Instead of doing what is best for chess, they seek revenge toward their opponents. It is a never ending cycle.

That is why when I was approached by both major chess political parties to join force with them, I turned everyone down and remained independent in this election even though I have friends on both sides. I will work with everyone to make the USCF better but I do not want to contribute to this endless destructive cycle. I want no part of this kind of politics.

In the past few days, I was told of some of the most incredible lies by various chess politicians for political purpose. There is not even an ounce of truth to any of these rumors. They know that they have no chance to win this upcoming election based on their records and accomplishments. So the only way to win is to confuse the voters with outrageous lies.

First, there were offensive post cards with full of malicious lies and dishonest innuendos. Then there were internet mailings. Then a flurry of vicious rumors came. Some of the absolutely false rumors include:

– The first thing I want to do if my team and I are elected is to fire the USCF ED Bill Hall
– The first thing I want to do if my team and I are elected is to fire the USCF Scholastic Director Jerry Nash
– The first thing I want to do if my team and I are elected is to outsource the Spring’s National Scholastic events
– The first thing I want to do if my team and I are elected is to close down the USCF forums
– The first thing I want to do if my team and I are elected is to split the scholastic and adult components of the USCF

That is a lot of first that I did not even know about. It is amazing to know what kind of lies they can concoct. It is like reading the National Enquirer. There are plenty more outrageous fabrications simply to confuse the USCF members. Some even challenged how many women’s world championships I won or how many national championships my husband has won.

As I stated before, they spare nothing. They are rude and loud. They twist every fact to destroy their opponents. It is a completely dysfuctional system with no leadership. They have chased away countless good members, volunteers, sponsors and supporters because of this.

The only difference is their tactics no longer work. They can no longer silence everyone. They no longer control the news. They definitely cannot silence me. Their repeated threats to harm me and my family if I do not drop out, their legal intimidation and their daily attacks and insults will not hold me back.

I will not give up fighting for what I believe in. I will not give up fighting for chess. I am not going to sit back to allow these politicians continue to destroy US chess and the USCF. They have done this for too long.

We are not doing enough for our kids, our club and tournament players or our professional players. They are fighting about dollars and cents while throwing away one million after another in sponsorship opportunities. They do not have the best interest of the entire federation at heart.

I will continue to positively promote chess while they continue their destructive politics. I would like to thank everyone who wrote to me or came up to me to offer their support. We still have another 6 weeks before this election ends. Please be sure to vote and please tell everyone you know to vote.

This is a very important election. The future of this federation is in your hands. We can stop this destructive way and rebuild the USCF into a respected, prosperous and viable organization if we work together! I have no doubt in this. We have the momentum and we must take advantage of it to save this federation. Please feel free to show everyone this: http://www.susanpolgar.com/The2007USExecutiveBoardElection.pdf

Thank you for your support!

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