4 February 2007

Official Statement about The Condition of Honorary President Florencio Campomanes

On February 4 in the morning, Turkish Chess Federation President Ali Nihat Yazici visited FIDE Honoraray President Florencio Campomanes in Antalya Anadolu Hospital together with Campo`s eldest son whose name is also Florencio Campomanes or Renci.

He received information from the doctors. The condition of Campo is good and there is no fatal risk, however, he is still under intensive care in order to accelerate the treatment. He should not be visited for long durations so Yazici met him for 1 to 2 minutes.

The Honorary President is conscious, talked to President Yazici and told him he would like to play chess. He also has a sore feeling in his chest due to his broken rib. There is no risk with his nervous system and he can completely feel his body. His ribbed groin has been treated.

The condition of intensive care will last for another 3-4 days but after then he will have to rest in the hospital for some time. The treatment will take time also because of his blood sugar level. The doctors are treating him vigorously and carefully.

He is definitely going to celebrate his 80th birthday on Feburary 22 in Antalya and the preparations have begun.

His two sons Florencio `Renci` Campomanes II arrived from Spain in Antalya today and Florencio `Cio` Campomanes III is flying from Iceland to Antalya on Tuesday. As far as we learned the Honorary President does have four sons all named after him as Florencio II (Renci), Florencio III (Cio), Florencio IV (Floren) and Florencio V (Enzio). His two daughters are named Florencia and Florence.

Turkish Chess Federation

Source: FIDE.com

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