Ferrari Carbon Fiber Handmade Chess Set Can Be Yours For $2,012
Leslie Pulipa / Monday, August 25, 2014, 5:46 am

So you are a Ferrari fanatic but you haven’t done enough good (or bad) things in life to possess the millions required to afford one. Well, if you have a couple of thousand dollars, you can instead go for a Ferrari hand-made carbon fiber chess set, which is available on the Italian marque’s official online store for 1,525 euros ($2,012).

Hand-crafted in Italy, the chess set comprises of a carbon fiber and fiberglass playing board, while the pieces are made from black and red varnished wood. Yes, it is red and not white pieces you get to play with. The Ferrari red that too! You may have guessed the next bit. Yes, the knight pieces you get are indeed derived from Ferrari’s trademark cavallino rampante —the prancing horse.

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