I am heading to Mexico City later on today. When I am there, I will bring you plenty of exclusive pictures, videos, interviews and information. Some of them will be posted right here on my blog. Others will be posted on www.ChessDiscussion.com. So if you have not checked it out or registered for a free account on www.ChessDiscussion.com forum, be sure to do so to get all the latest scoops. It is the official chess forum for this blog and it is a premier place for chess lovers from around the world to come to discuss or share their passion for chess.

After the World Championship is done, I will ask some of the top players (GMs and IMs) to participate in the forum in various ways. I would like to see a stronger bond and understand between the professional, amateur and hobby players. It is bad for the game if we do not unite. We all have the same love for this game and it would be good if we can have mutual respect and help each other to make chess bigger and better.

I will also be doing commentary on site in Spanish and who knows what other languages 🙂 If you have specific questions you would like me to ask the players, please post it here or on the Chess Discussion forum.

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