I had the good fortune of getting an invitation early to this year’s Susan Polgar invitational tournament based on my performance in the First Susan Polgar National Open tournament. I was thrilled in getting this opportunity to fulfill my desire of playing in this prestigious tournament. I sensed playing in the Susan Polgar Open that the Polgar tournaments are special and very well organized, and more than anything else a lot of fun.

I learned about the Susan Polgar invitational tournament from my Father, a few months after I played in my first chess tournament in 2004 and I definitely wanted to be a part of it from the moment I learned about this tournament.

The experience and memories of this tournament shall stay with me for a long time. I feel fortunate having been there and done that. I of course am reminded of the fact that it is one thing to go and another to win and I know each one of us but one will work towards reaching that elusive goal.

It feels good to see so many girls competing at the highest level and I can envision a day that is not far behind when the Polgar girls will be as good at chess as the Denker boys, if not better.

I have always been overwhelmed by the presence of Susan Polgar and like so many other girls feel inspired by her legacy in this game of chess that I enjoy playing so much and what she is doing to encourage young chess players in this country, especially girls. I don’t know what a “marketing genius” is but that’s how I have heard some people describe Paul Truong. I see him as a person always smiling, always easily accessible and taking a lot of pictures, adding immense value to the Polgar tournaments.

I made a few good friends during this tournament and I definitely would like to stay in touch and carry that friendship forward. I have been impressed by so many participants that I possibly cannot name every one. None the less I will mention a few – I have been impressed by the calm resolve of Abby Marshall, perseverance of Elina Kats and Courtney Jamison, maturity of Jordana Williams at such an young age, the demeanor of Emily Chu and the list goes on.

As time passes, memories fade, tears dry and the laughter stops echoing in our ears, but hopes and desires rise. I definitely desire to go back next year and compete again and if I do get that opportunity, I know for sure I will give it my all, like I have never done before. The countdown begins. Good luck to all!

Ananya Roy
(Georgia) Posted by Picasa

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