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09:00 – 08 March 2008

We have received over 1,700 request from schools for chess sets. Has your school applied yet? If not, send an email to office@ with your schools name and contact details.

Holloid Plastics, which supplies the sets, estimates that the first batch will be ready for delivery in early April.

Meanwhile, the English Chess Federation is delighted to announce it will be among the beneficiaries of BingoLotto – a new TV game which will raise money for sport and the voluntary sector.

BingoLotto will be a weekly game broadcast on digital TV channels Virgin1 and Challenge.

Tickets will be on sale from outlets around the country, and will allow viewers to take part in the game from the comfort of their own homes.

The game has run in Sweden since 1991, where it raised just under £1bn for charities and sports organisations.

At least 20 per cent from each ticket sold in the UK will be distributed to sport and recreation projects up and down the country.

Profits from the show will be distributed to the governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation.

The funding the English Chess Federation will receive will be spent on new and enhanced programmes of activity at the grassroots or on special projects, like infrastructure improvement and capacity building, for which funding is currently unavailable.

The game will also provide valuable profile to a wide range of sports and activities by featuring them on the weekly show and on the BingoLotto website.

The English Chess Federation will support the game by promoting it to our members; by providing examples and case studies of how the proceeds have been spent for the TV show; and by identifying current and future stars from chess to appear on the show when required.

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