The Open Liburnija 2014, dedicated to the memory of professor Egidije Paris, took place from 20th to 27th May, 2014 at the Chess Club Rijeka in the principal seaport and the third-largest Croatian city Rijeka.

The 35th edition of the traditional event was played in a 9 round Swiss FIDE format with a time control 2 hours per player and a total prize fund of 6800 HRK.

More information on the tournament website.

IM Nenad Doric, FM Julijan Plenca and IM Robert Loncar shared first place with 6.5/9 points each, leaving the nearest follower and best junior Mario Muskardin half a point behind with 6/9 points.

Replay the games with triple engine analysis

Final standings (top finishers):

1 IM Doric Nenad CRO 2290 6,5
2 FM Plenca Julijan CRO 2337 6,5
3 IM Loncar Robert CRO 2371 6,5
4 MK Muskardin Mario CRO 2231 6
5 NM Muslija Idris CRO 2268 5,5

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