Cuban Chess GM Dominguez beat US Ray Robson in Match

Havana, Cuba, Mar 12.- The Cuban Leinier Dominguez reached balance of six points in 10 games against the host Ray Robson in chess match played at St. Louis Webster University, in United States.

The match included six Blitz and four fast games and was the beginning of the exchange that Dominguez holds with students and teachers of the SPICE program run by Hungarian Susan Polgar in that entity.

Leinier, currently ranked 12th in the world rankings and Blitz universal monarch in 2008, finished the matches in that modality (three minutes) with three wins, two draws and a single loss.

While in the 25 minutes-matches he won once, was beaten also once and achieved two draws, according to the organizers´ digital site.

Robson, who won the Grand Master title in 2010, before becoming 15, is sophomore in the college program and leads the youth ranks of his country.

This is the second consecutive time that the Cuban GM shares his knowledge there, and his visit also includes conferences and other actions related to improvement of specialists linked to SPICE.

Leinier’s next competitive presentation will be in the Russian League, scheduled for early April, defense again the St. Petersburg Club, current champion of the event. (ACN)

Rapid 25′ 10″ (2-2)

Game 1: Dominguez 0-1 Robson
Game 2: Robson 0-1 Dominguez
Game 3: Dominguez 1/2 Robson
Game 4: Robson 1/2 Dominguez

Blitz 3′ 2″ (4-2 Dominguez)

Game 1: Dominguez 1-0 Robson
Game 1: Robson 1/2 Dominguez
Game 3: Dominguez 1/2 Robson
Game 4: Robson 1-0 Dominguez
Game 5: Dominguez 1-0 Robson
Game 6: Robson 0-1 Dominguez


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