Andrei Deviatkin taking lead at the Doeberl Cup 2011
21st-25th April at the Hellenic Club in Canberra, Australia

The 2011 Doeberl Cup is currently ongoing at the Hellenic Club, Canberra, and continues until 25th April. The prize fund of $17,850 is to be distributed in three tournaments – Premier, Major and Minor. $4,000 is reserved for the winner of the Premier section.

The Doeberl Cup is the longest running weekend chess event in Australia and is held in Canberra over Easter each year attracting a field of over 200 players. The Premier tournament is being played over 9 Swiss rounds and has 68 players.

Russian Grandmaster Andrei Deviatkin has taken the lead after defeating the 2008 Australia champion IM Stephen Solomon in the sixth round. Deviatkin holds 5.5 points, half a point ahead of GM Sune Berg Hansen and GM Dejan Bojkov, who signed a peace treaty on the top board.

Top round 7 pairings are GM Hansen Sune Berg – GM Deviatkin Andrei, GM Bojkov Dejan – GM Arutinian David, GM Smerdon David – IM Toth Andras and FM Ly Moulthun – GM Johansen Darryl.

The Sydney International Open begins in Sydney Australia following a rest day after the Doeberl Cup. There are two 9 round tournaments across the 5 day period, the Open which allows all players to enter or the Sydney International Challengers which is designed for players rated under 2000.

Doeberl Cup round 6 leaders:

1 GM Deviatkin Andrei RUS 2566 5.5
2 GM Bojkov Dejan BUL 2523 5
3 GM Hansen Sune Berg DEN 2603 5
4 GM Smerdon David AUS 2512 4.5
5 GM Arutinian David GEO 2575 4.5
6 FM Ly Moulthun AUS 2381 4.5
7 GM Johansen Darryl K AUS 2419 4.5
8 IM Goh Wei Ming Kevin SIN 2382 4.5
9 FM Cheng Bobby AUS 2345 4.5
10 IM Toth Andras HUN 2378 4.5

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