Development of Chess in Schools in Tatarstan, Russia
Friday, 18 February 2011 09:45

Tatarstan Republic, Russia

Fantastic news from Ildar Khalikov, Prime Minister of this small Russian Republic (population 3.8 million), about their development of Chess in Schools.

The present is excellent, but the future will be amazing. Starting this September, chess will be rolled out as a part of the compulsory curriculum for all primary school students (years 1-4).

Chess was taught in 586 schools (28%) and 154 kindergartens (8%) to more than 42.000 children in total in 2010, almost double the number of 2008.

What is happening in the Nizhnekamsk Municipal Region is especially impressive. More than 60% of all school children currently have lessons, including, since 2003, every single second year student. In 2008 every primary school teacher in the city attended chess courses and obtained a chess teaching certificate.

The Prime Minister’s letter, which you can read here (or here in the original), contains much more detailed information.

The name of Tatarstan’s most famous player, Rashid Nezhmetdnov, is celebrated by the Nezhmetdinov Chess Palace.

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