Dear Loyal Listener,

Woo woo woo! Tomorrow morning I get to be on the TODAY show!!! As the Pointer Sisters would sing, “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it… ” I’ll be on with Kathy Lee and Hoda talking about my new book, “Love Matters” so be sure to tune in or set your television to record the program. You won’t want to miss it as I speak with people who contributed their amazing stories to my book!

I have been counting down the days to my book release… and the wait is finally over. Today, you will find “Love Matters” in bookstores everywhere, and I hope you will find it to be the perfect extension of my evening radio show.

The stories in my book are true accounts of love in its many forms, and I feel blessed that I can finally share them with you in a format you can cherish forever or pass along to someone you love. Just as I do on air, I have taken each story and paired it with a popular love song, because I think music is a powerful reflection of what is in our hearts.

Make time to pick up your copy of “Love Matters” because I truly believe love is what matters most, and love is all that remains, and the stories in my book reaffirm this truth.

God bless you,

Point Hope (

Point Hope is an organization that aspires to be the voice for forgotten children. One does not have to look farther than the end of their block, or the edge of their town, to find more than one forgotten child. Children brought into this world and immediately put into a state’s foster care program are prime examples. Other children are brought into this world by well-meaning parents who lose their way and their confidence to care for a child, and give up all hope of preparing the child for the years ahead. Outside of the United States, the number of children born into underdeveloped nations where resources and money are scarce, who are in desperate need of nutrition and education, are equally in need of a voice. Each example provides enough reason for Point Hope to exist as a beacon of caring and leadership for individuals who want to help as many children as possible realize their full potential. Point Hope’s mission is to provide long-lasting solutions that will benefit the forgotten children, and to be their voice, saying “Don’t forget about me; I am a person too.”

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