Stefanova hits her stride
By Malcolm Pein
Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 30/01/2008

The Gibtelecom Masters at Gibraltar’s Caleta Hotel has a significant portion of the prize fund set aside for a Women’s event and former Women’s World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova was an early leader after a superb run of results.

Ms Stefanova defeated former world title Candidate Mikhail Gurevich and drew with former Candidate Alexander Belyavsky. Her win over world junior champion and ICC speed chess wizard Tigran Petrosian – no relation to his namesake the late world champion – was typical of her combative style.

Stefanova accepted the Evans Gambit which we saw used to good effect by Nigel Short last week. Her defence, 5…Bd6 blocking the d pawn looks odd but dates back to the seminal tournament at London in 1851 where it was employed by Lionel Kieseritsky against Adolph Anderssen. Black’s position does not inspire confidence out of the opening but after …Nh4! all the tactics work; a nice game.

Here is the full analysis of the game.

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