Danailov, manager of Topalov, was interviewed a few days ago by FAKTY, Ukrainian largest newspaper. This interview took place one day before the press release by Carsten Hensel. In the interview, Danailov once again blasted Kramnik and his restroom behavior. He presented circumstantial evidence to back his points. It seems that the verbal attacks just will not end. Danailov has not changed his tune or tone. It is sad for me to see this kind of behavior from well known chess personalities.

Silvio Danailov: The conditions of the match were like a war

By Dimitri Komarov

This was first published in Ukrainian newspaper “FAKTY” (“FACTS”) on October 27, 2006

Dimitri Komarov: What could Kramnik do in the toilet?

Silvio Danailov: Everything, everything to receive any information. There was neither video, nor audio control. It is abnormal to spend two hours during each game in the rest room and toilet. Kramnik has said that he drinks a lot of water during the game, but he is lying. On the video recording it could be seen that in five hours Kramnik only drunk half a glass of water. Then he said that he likes to walk and used the toilet space for that purpose. But then why did he close the door every time? If you are walking up and down, it is logical to open the door, not close it.

But the most disturbing was, that, after leaving the toilet, Kramnik immediately made very strong computer moves. He always made his mistakes whilst sitting at the board. This occured when Veselin replied immediately and Kramnik could not escape to the toilet. Therefore in the second game he overlooked checkmate in two moves: this problem he had to solve alone at the board.

Why did Topalov lose?

Because it is impossible to win against someone who is making, in each game, 80 percent computer moves. Nowadays the average rating of Fritz 10 is about 3200. Playing 80 percent of his moves in conformity with those of this program, Kramnik played at a strength of about 2900-3000, much better than Kasparov and Fischer. Importantly, Topalov with 2813 points, has been for more than a year the leader of the world rating list, so, the result 6-6 in the main games, and 2.5 -1.5 in the time-break is, in my opinion, very successful for Veselin, taking into account against whom he played.

Here is the link to the extended interview on chessbase.

Here is the original interview in Russian.
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