CXR Affiliate in North Carolina to play Australian Kids

CXR has teamed up with Chess Kids (the biggest scholastic chess organization “down under”) to organize a friendly chess match. What’s unusual about the match is that half the players are in North Carolina, and their opponents are in Melbourne, Australia! Students at Ellenboro Elementary School in North Carolina will be using their school’s computer lab to connect, via the world-wide web, with their counterparts across the globe.

One of the oddities of this match is that the players are 14 time zones apart! The American children will be playing on Wednesday evening, June 3, starting at 6:00 PM. But the Australian chess kids will be playing on Thursday morning, June 4, starting at 8:00 AM, before school! Crikey!!

Some of the parameters of the match are:

· each team will field 10 boards plus 6 alternates

· time control will be “sudden death” — game in 30 minutes.

· tournament officials on each side will ensure proper conduct of the match

· there will be audio and video hookups connecting the two locations

· Games will be CXR-rated and all players will receive 1 year of premium CXR service

· CXR will donate a prize of $100 to the winning school

CXR founder Russ Mollot stated that Chess Kids and CXR plan to hold several additional intercontinental matches in the near future “to bring this synergy of chess and computer technology to more youngsters in more states. We are looking for more candidates to participate in this ground-breaking project.”

For any additional information, email: info@cxrchess.com

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