Thursday, August 14, 2014
Cuba Equals Historic Performance in World Chess Olympiad

Oslo, Aug 14.- The Cuban male chess team today beat his counterpart in England and finished seventh in the World Championships of Tromso, Norway, to match his best performance in these conflicts.

On the latter date Cubans 2.5-1.5 imposed the English with the support of Lázaro Bruzón was the only one who got the win, defending the second board.

Leinier Dominguez, number one in Latin America and eleventh in the world rankings, split unit with Michael Adams in 38 moves of a Petrov’s defense.

With this result, Dominguez lost 5.2 units lower Elo and the post 11 to 14 as ranked in vivo.

Bruzón managed to win with black pieces, Gawain Jones, in 46 moves of a Queen’s Gambit, this performance the Caribbean finished sixth among the second boards, adding eight points in 11 games and improve his ELO rating.

While Yuniesky Quesada tied with David Howell, 87 movements, and Isan Ortiz tied with Matthew Sadler in 31 moves. This action made Ortiz conclude as second among the fourth tables of the competition, accumulating six points in eight starts, and escorted the Serbian Nikola Sedlak (6.5 in eight).

After these results Cuba equals Cuba the seventh place achieved in the Novi Sad Olympiad, then Yugoslavia, in 1990 and in Calvia in 2004.

In 1990, the Cuban chess male team was formed by Jesús Nogueiras, Amador Rodríguez, Walter Arencibia, Reinaldo Vera, Román Hernández and Joaquín C. Díaz.

In Calvia, in 1994, the sextet was formed by Leinier Domínguez, Lázaro Bruzón, Neuris Delgado, Jesús Nogueiras, Walter Arencibia and Yuniesky Quesada.

China beat Poland 3-1 and got the first place, followed by Hungary, India, Russia and Azerbaidzhan. The list of the 10 first places is completed with: Ukraine, Cuba, Armenia, Israel and Spain. Argentina got the 18th place, Peru the 19th and Brazil the 22nd.(Prensa Latina).

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