This was an actual position in the last round of the Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls. This was a game that had 1st place implication.

There are 2 critical lessons here:

1. Endgame study: Sometimes one game can decide the entire tournament and most likely it will come down to the endgame phase. That is why I always recommend young players to study more endgames. Endgame is the foundation of chess.

2. Time management: 30 second increments is a normal part of International competition. This is why I chose to use this element in the Polgar event to help our players more battle ready for International play. The important lesson here is Time Management!

In the position above, White was practically surviving on the increments while Black still had plenty of time left. And that proved to be the deciding factor of the game because White did not have enough time to calculate all the lines out and eventually lost. Black went on to finish 2nd in the tournament.

It is White to move. Only one move can save the game for White. Everything else loses. Now imagine of having to find the right plan in less than 30 seconds. That was the situation that White was in. Can you find the right game saving plan in 29 seconds?
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