GM Cramling (2544) – GM Kosteniuk (2510) [D37]
WWC-Nalchik, 11.09.2008

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 e6 3.c4 d5 4.Nc3 dxc4 5.e3 a6 6.Bxc4 b5 7.Be2 Bb7 8.0–0 Nbd7 9.b3 c5 10.Bb2 Bd6 11.a4 b4 12.Nb1 0–0 13.Nbd2 Rc8 14.Rc1 Bb8 15.h3 Qe7 16.Nc4 cxd4 17.Nxd4 Nc5 18.f4 Ba7 19.Kh2 Be4 20.Ne5 Rfd8 21.Bf3 Qb7 22.Bxe4 Nfxe4 23.Qe2 Bb8 24.Nc4 f6 25.Rc2 e5 26.fxe5 fxe5 27.Nf5 Kh8 28.Kg1 Nc3? A much stronger move is 28…Nxb3. This would give Black an advantage

29.Qg4 Rf8 +/- White is in good shape with 30.Bxc3

30.Rcf2? White just gave away her advantage. Black can now play N5e4 and the position is equal.

30…Nd3 31.Nfd6 Black just take the Rook with Nxf3 and the position is even.

31….Bxd6 32.Nxd6 The only move for Black now is Nxf2. Everything else would be losing.

32…Nxf2 33.Rxf2 Qd5 = 34. Nxc8 Rxf2 35. Kxf2 Qd2+ The ONLY move to save the game is Kf1. Everything else loses immediately.

36. Kg3?? Qe1+! 37. Kf3 Qe2+?? Black wins immediately with e4+ 38.Kf4 Qf2+ 39.Kg5 Qf6+ Kh5 Qh6 mate

38.Kg3 Qe1+ 39. Kf3 Qe2+ 40. Kg3 Qe1+ 1/2-1/2

Kosteniuk moves on to the final.

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