European chess busybodies tell female players to cover up their cleavage
Emmet Purcell
38 minutes ago

Chess chiefs have succeeded in making the ‘sport’ even more boring, after the European Chess Union [ECU] ordered female players to cover up.

Unfortunately, the union has enacted a new dress code that has been made applicable to the 2012 European Individual Women Chess Championship in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Surprisingly, the rule has not been made to prevent male players from being distracted by their female counterparts, but rather because the ECU feels that it has a duty to uphold the image of chess.

As the ECU’s general secretary Stava Stoisavljevic explained in a riveting interview with ChessBase:

“I think it’s good that we have started to do something with dress code, and it’s very important for the image of chess. In fact these rules will be more useful during men events.

“In general, women take care about their looks and what they wear. There is not a lot of trouble with women – and in fact and I’m sure there will be no trouble at all in the future as well. With men the situation is a little bit different.”

Wait… what? Have men been taking part in chess tournaments with their testicles hanging out, in order to frighten their opposition? We’re a little bemused by Stava’s comments to be honest.

Oh and by the way, the ECU decided that only the top two buttons of a blouse may be opened during competition, while any skirt shorter than 5-10 cm on the knees is quite clearly the attire of a chess-loving strumpet.


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