Hermann-Heemsooth Memorial

This very strong ICCF Memorial started on 21 January 2008, with 17 ICCF GMs participating and is being played on the ICCF server.

Four of the participants are former World CC Champions: GM Tunc Hamarat (2645) (AUT) (17th), Ivar Bern (2621) (NOR) (18th), GM Mikhail Markovich Umansky (2667) (RUS) (13th) and GM Vytas Palciauskas (2583) (USA) (10th).

It’s a category 16 event, the highest ICCF category event (Avg rating: 2626-2650).

The event was organised by the German CC Federation: Deutscher Fernschachbund (BdF)

Source: Chess Today

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