UPDATE: Peruvian chess prodigy Jorge Cori now in Dubai
By Rachel Chase

Teenage Grand Master was detained in Spain on a layover when it was discovered that Peruvian sporting officials had failed to issue him proper documentation.

Peruvian chess prodigy Jorge Cori has arrived safely in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, reports El Comercio. Cori traveled to Dubai in order to take part in the World Youth Chess Championships.

Cori was en route to Dubai by way of Madrid, where he wasstopped and detained by immigrations officials. El Comercio reports that Cori had not been issued a letter of safe conduct by the Peruvian Institute for Sport (IPD), which was required for his layover in Spain.

For some time during his stop in Madrid, Cori was unable to communicate with outside parties. His family was unsure if Spanish officials had deported him back to Peru, were keeping him in Madrid, or had allowed him to travel to Dubai.

It seems that Cori is not the only competitor in the World Youth Chess Championships who had trouble getting the IPD to issue him the correct documents on time. Young Peruvian chess players Inti Quintana and Hachi Melgar received their travel documents too late, and were unable to travel as scheduled. They will have to forfeit their first two matches, reports El Comercio.

Source: http://www.peruthisweek.com

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