I would like to congratulate GM Kateryna Lahno (Ukraine) again for winning the 2010 Women’s World Blitz Championship in Moscow, Russia!

I must say that I am disappointed that there has been little coverage of this exciting event. It is also strange that it is now the following day in Moscow, Russia (where the event took place) and the official website of the Women’s World Blitz Championship still has not put up the news that GM Lahno has won this event! In fact, in spite of being one of the top seeds coming into this event, the official website has no picture or write up about GM Lahno on the main page.

I hope that the organizer will change the current rule oversight and automatically place GM Lahno (defending champion) in the Women’s World Blitz final stage in the next event, unlike this year when I was not included as the reigning champion. I did finally get a wild card invitation directly from FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov but it was way too late by that time for me to change my work and professional schedule to go to Russia a week earlier.

The organizer deserves 2 thumbs up for the LIVE game coverage. They did a magnificent job having all the games broadcast LIVE and the results were posted timely through the external website http://www.chessarbiter.com. Bravo!

I would like to also congratulate GM Tatiana Kosintseva (Russia) for her 2nd place finish and WGM Valentina Gunina (Russia) for her 3rd place finish.

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