China crowned world chess champion
By Cruz Fang
Updated: 2007-05-29 11:39

Beijing – China smashed Botswana 4-0 on May 28 to clinch the trophy at the first World Women’s Team Chess Championship even though there is one more round to go.

China now leads the tournament of 10 teams with 15 points; Russian trails behind with 13 points, while Ukraine is in third place at 12 points.

“We came to fight for the championship,” said China’s coach Ye Jiangchuan in an interview with “During the competition we have seen our team mature immensely. It’s not an unexpected victory. This is an excellent team.”

On the way to the championship, China beat seven of its eight opponents during the tournament, including an impressive 4-0 win over powerhouse Russia. China only had a 2-2 draw with Georgia.

Source: China Daily

China secure title with 1 round to go at Women´s Chess Championships
05-29-2007 10:14

Over in Yekaterinburg, Russia, China have whitewashed underdogs Botswana in the eighth round of the Women’s World Chess Team Championship. The win means they are now beyond reach in the race for the title.

The Cup was shown before the games of round 8. The weight of the golden trophy is about 15kg and its height is more than 70cm.
10 teams from around the world have been competing for their share at this year’s inaugural event.

China squared off against Botswana, who have not won any match in the event. So for the leaders, it was an easy encounter as the powerhouses have been leading in the rankings all the way.

Leading player Zhao Xue elected not to play, leaving other teammates the chance to gain some experience.

Source: CCTV

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