Interview with Hal Bond

Mr. Bond was the supervisor of Kamsky – Topalov match in Sofia, Bulgaria

Mr. Hal Bond from the Canadian Chess Federation is the match supervisor, whose nomination was accepted by both Kamsky and Topalov for the match in Sofia. Mr. Bond agreed to an interview for during game 7 of the match.

Q: Mr. Bond, thank you for accepting the interview. What are your impressions about the match thus far? (note – 7th game was still in progress)

A: It’s been a very exciting match, every game has been played with serious intent, there’s been no quick draws and I am very pleased with the level of play, you know, the intensity, the battle – it’s great.

Q: As a match supervisor, appointed by FIDE, did you have any remarks or objections regarding the organization or conditions?

A: Both sides are very professional. The organizers have staged the match at a very high level, both players have enthusiastic managers, so this makes it interesting, but in fact they are both okay to work with. When we have some issues, we discuss them, we resolve them and the match continues.

Q: You probably talked with Mr. Sutovsky, has he had any objections?

A: There were a few small things at the beginning of the match, they were resolved within the first day and after that it’s been very smooth.

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